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Unlike a financial advisor, a financial coach is there to teach, analyze, encourage, motivate, and provide accountability. A financial coach is like any other coach—in sports, nutrition, business, or life in general—who asks questions, helps you determine your goals, helps you identify obstacles to reaching those goals, and works with you to create a plan to achieve those goals.


What does a financial coach do?

We typically meet with clients on an ongoing basis to work toward a specific financial goal. Before entering into a relationship with a financial coach, identify in which area of your financial life you would like help. For example, if you're struggling with spending, your coach may ask you to outline your financial goals and track your spending for a few weeks to identify patterns and areas for improvement.

A financial adviser can help you:

  • Understand your spending habits.
  • Create a budget.
  • Sketch a financial plan.
  • Understand the emotional components of dealing with money.
  • Learn how to establish an emergency fund.
  • Manage debt.

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