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Our Philosophy

We're great at crunching numbers, but it's not a love of numbers that drives our work; it is a love for people. Whether it's helping hard-working individuals make the most of every dollar they earn through financial advice, or offering small business owners the peace of mind that their tax preparations are done right, we seek to leave a positive mark on the life of others.


Choose your path to financial freedom



Tired of stressing over money? Gain clarity, take action, and use budgeting as a tool to live that financially free life you crave.


Small Business Consulting

Starting a new business and unsure where to start? I can help you get your dream business started on the path to success.



Looking for a CPA with your best interest in mind to take your individual or small business tax preparation and filing?


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What can we offer you?

Using A&E Accounting Group LLC for personal and small business tax preparation is an amazing experience. Not only is it easy to upload the documents, but you also review your deductions and capture some that you have been missing in the last two years, which results in better performance for you.


Write up and Tax Compliance Schedule


  • Average number of transactions: 0-50
  • Employees: None
  • Payroll Deposit Frequency: None
  • Sales Tax Filing Requirement: Annual/None


  • Average number of transactions: 50-150
  • Employees: 1-5
  • Payroll Deposit Frequency: Monthly
  • Sales Tax Filing Requirement: Quarterly/Monthly


  • Average number of transactions: 150+
  • Employees: 6+
  • Payroll Deposit Frequency: Weekly/bi-weekly
  • Sales Tax Filing Requirement: Monthly

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